Primary consultation (without dialing)free of charge
Consultation set60 UAH
C – class (tartar, plaque with brush and paste)584 UAH
B – class (tartar, soft touch of sandblast)739 UAH
A – class (tartar + plaque sandblast + prevention of caries)1058 UAH
ATTENTION! PROMOTION – Complex brushing of teeth + gifts (More)449 UAH
Whitening system Opalescence (2 jaws)2423 UAH
Compomer385 UAH
Sealing of canals of a milk tooth (1 channel)119 UAH
Removing the milk tooth 
Frontal group of teeth376 UAH
Lateral group of teeth486 UAH
Installation of photopolymer seal (Korea)385 UAH (1 jaw)
Installation of photopolymer seal (Germany)573 UAH (1 tooth)
Restoration of the tooth with photopolymer material (Korea)408 UAH
Restoration of the tooth with photopolymer material (Germany)760 UAH
Withdrawal of the seal33 UAH
Temporary filling55 UAH
Clasp prosthesis5184 UAH
Partially removable acrylic prosthesis
Imported up to 11 teeth
1928 UAH
Full removable prosthesis of 12 teeth
Prosthetic nylon
2317 UAH
Partial 3969 UAH
Full4628 UAH
Tooth extraction 1 complexity477 UAH
2 Difficulties699 UAH
3 Difficulties974 UAH
 Manual processingMachine ProcessingRe-visit
Group of teethTreatmentin onevisit
Frontal group of teeth (incisors, fangs)804 UAH1079 UAH363 UAH
Premolary1244 UAH1794 UAH528 UAH
Molars1684 UAH2662 UAH693 UAH
Type of constructionVital Devital with the installation of fiberglass pinDevital with the installation of cultic calculations
Solid-cast crown1631 UAH1951 UAH2349 UAH
Whole-cast crown with gold plating1685 UAH2005 UAH2403 UAH
Metal Ceramic Crown

А: 2571 UAH
В: 2891 UAH

С: 3289 UAH

2793 UAH

3113 UAH

3289 UAH

3068 UAH

3888 UAH

3786 UAH

Metal-free crown (zircon)6649 UAH6969 UAH7367 UAH

Ceramic veneers E-max

Crown E-max

5565 UAH6105 UAH 
 Tab E-max5422 UAH